US Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer Fired Amid Divisions and Chaos in Military Over Trump’s War Crimes.

In an extraordinary move, the US Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer has been fired by the Pentagon Chief. According to a senior defence official this unusual move came about after  Richard Spencer went outside. And his chain of command when he proposed secret agreement with White House. The Secret agreement with White House entangled Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, a member of the three service team. That are facing criminal allegations. This is one of the severe cases that has caused unprecedented tension between the Pentagon and US President Donald Trump.


The US Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer, was trying to seek a way in which the standoff between the Pentagon and White House can be resolved. Gallagher’s case escalated the deadlock. There were competing narratives during the chaotic hour that led to the dismal of us Navy Secretary the dismal of the US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer it’s a clear indicator of upheaval discord and disconnection between. And the Pentagon and the White House.

US President Donald Trump:

US President Donald Trump went ahead posting on twitter that the dismissal of Spencer was due to cost overruns. And the treatment that Gallagher had received according to defence secretary Mark Esper. Spencer was asked to resign cause he of the lost trust and confidence due to lack of honesty. After his dismissal US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer gave the following remarks. He suggested that Trump was undermining the Key principle of good order and discipline of the US military.

He goes ahead to say as I quote “ I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe it violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith” He again wrote this in his letter of termination to the President. Gallagher violated the US military regulations by posing next to a dead ISIS Fighter’s body according to the Military rules. This is braining discredit to the US armed services.