Latest Updates on Trump Impeachment.

Latest Updates on Trump Impeachment. USA lawmakers are currently leading an impeachment motion against President Donald Trump. And this awaits presently Key witnesses. Therefore this week we are waiting for a crucial round of testimony that will play a vital role in the Trump Impeachment the latest sources indicate that several Key-witness from the White House are planning to defy the lawmakers, and likely the other administration officials are likely to follow the suite. This sounds to be a very big blow to the Trump Impeachment motion that might jeopardize the whole process.

Trump loyalists have staged a move to fail to appear before the Democratic-led committees. This is likely to stir up a battle between the White House and lawmakers in the long run the lawmakers will exercise their power by conducting the investigations from reliable sources Trump has ordered the administration officials not to cooperate in the inquiry. This creates an obstruction of justice, which is among the impeachment counts the lawmakers are planning to consider against him.


The officials who have failed to show up before the lawmakers include.

The White House Budget Officials” the acting budget director. The other crucial impeachment account is a witness stamen from John Eisenberg, a top lawyer for the White House National Security Council. The Lawmakers are interested in Latest Updates on Trump Impeachment us arequestioning the lawyer about the phone call made on July 25. In this Call Trump is heard asking the Ukrainian President Volodymyr to investigating his Political rival, Joe Biden Eisenberg’s testimonial is critical since he was the one responsible for moving the transcript of the call to the Classified Computer System of the White House. According to the Lawmakers Council, they find it inappropriate for a foreign government to investigate a US Citizen. Therefore worried about the implication of this matter on the security of the country.

According to the House Trump misused the power of his office. This amounts to High Crimes and Misdemeanors. According to the accusations they do merit the impeachment and removal of Trump from office under the Constitution.

On Sunday Trump denied any wrongdoing. He went ahead to raise accusations against the Democrats on his Twiter handle. This read” Working overtime to FIX the impeachment Process to hurt the Republican Party and me” Trump Critics have gone ahead to label this as efforts from Trump to attempt to stonewall the proceedings. Keep in touch to get the latest update on this.