The Latest Hemp Food Craze

The Latest Hemp Food Craze.The legalization of the cannabidiol (CBD)has seen the food industry evolve at a rampant rate.There are a lot of hemp food products, which makes it become a staple for a healthy diet. 2019 has seen hemp getting recognized as the top 10 trending foods in 2019. This fact is on analytical reports and predictions from Whole Foods Market. The hemp-derived foods are going into the mainstream, making it the most trending food in the market at the moment.Let’s discover what of this food craze is available in the market.

  • The Hemp Seed Oil

The Latest Hemp Food Craze

Hemp oil has been in existence for decades used for both cooking and skincare. The hemp seed oil is prevalent in salad dressings and sauces. The Hemp Seed oil should not be confused with CBD Oil. The extraction of Hemp seed Oil is from the seeds of the hemp plant. On the other hand, CBD oil is an extract of the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. CBD oil is an extract of Marijuana leaves and stalks. CBD has brain health benefits by protecting your brain.

  • The Latest Hemp Food Craze: The Hemp Granola

The Hemp granola is best when mixed with yogurts. Hemp Granola is one of the latest cereals in the market at the moment. It has excellent nutritional values which include vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals. Good News taking the hemp granola cereals will not result in drug testing positive. This is because the levels of THC are not detectable. The hemp heart is a popular product on soup top-ups, salad top-ups, and cereal top-ups. The hemp seeds exist in the market as the hemp heart, and they are deemed to be very nutritious. They are rich in fatty acids, Omega 6, and Omega 3.

  • Hemp Protein Powder

One of the hottest hemp supplement in the market is the hemp protein powder. It’s popular among the bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone trying to gain weight. It has a nutty taste, and it’s earthy. This high-quality vegan protein has nine essential amino acids together with fiber.

Little research has been done about the scientific benefits of hemp food. Latest studies show that CBD is effective as an epileptic drug, but the scientist is still exploring more of that. Despite that, Hemp food craze is not easy to regulate at the moment. At the moment, people are adding CBD to everything. All said and done; we would like to hear more from you in the comment section below.