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Latest Feature On iPhone 11 Pro

Latest Feature On iPhone 11 Pro: Alright, it’s iPhone time. Apple released three new iPhone’s all at once this year. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, iPhone 11 is the phone most people in the IOS ecosystem should get if they’re upgrading. So we’ve got a whole other review of that phone that you should check out, too. But this, this is the Pro review. The dark mode, cash money review for professionals who use their phones to do pro stuff. Like taking telephoto photos. Actually, I have no idea why Apple called these phones Pro.


Update Feature

They’re basically just nice updates to the iPhone XS, but I also think it’s a waste of time to argue about names. iPhone 11 Pro Max is a bad name. But you know what, it’s a great phone. And I think Apple might have done it. This is the best camera I’ve ever seen on a phone. Let’s get into it.(calming music)The iPhone 11 Pro looks almost exactly like the iPhone XS from the front. It’s a little heavier and thicker, but unless you’re comparing them directly, you probably won’t notice.


You do get a much bigger battery in exchange for that extra size, which Apple says leads to a four-hour battery life increase on the regular Pro and a five-hour jump for the Pro Max. But it’s surprisingly hard to check that number. I’ll get into why in a minute. The big difference from the XS comes on the back where Apple says the rear glass is now stronger and it comes in this frosted matte finish. It also integrates a glossy camera bump with three cameras. The whole back and the bump is a single piece of glass that’s milled out.


The iPhone 11 is the reverse. It has a glossy back and the camera bump is matte.It didn’t really pick up any fingerprints, but it does seem a tiny bit more slippery than the gloss back of the previous phones and the iPhone 11. But also think most people are just going to stick this thing in a case so it doesn’t seem like a huge issue.


Latest Feature On iPhone 11 Pro

A lot of people also asked me if this matte finish will scratch easily, similar to the back of the Pixel 3,and so far the answer seems to be no. But we’re going to have to keep an eye on it over time. Apple’s finally relented and included an 18W USB-C fast charger with the Pro phones. So you get a USB-C to Lightning cable as well. Now Apple’s USB-C charger is not the smallest or prettiest charger out there. But anything is better than the slow 5W brick it’s been including for years, so I’ll take it. So let’s get into these cameras.


Apple has a lot at stake here. Google and Samsung’s cameras have been outperforming the iPhone for a couple of years now. And Chinese phone makers, in particular, have been racing each other to add an endless array of photography features. If you’re in the US, you’re probably locked into iMessage and no camera is good enough to make you switch. But Apple doesn’t have that advantage in big markets like Europe and China. Everyone uses WhatsApp and WeChat, and switching from IOS to Android is much easier. So Apple’s added a bunch of features that first appeared on Android phones.


There are three cameras & Features

There are three cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro. The telephoto camera has the same basic sensor, but a faster f/2.O lens. The main camera has the same f/1.8 lens and a slightly better sensor. And there’s the new super fun ultra-wide camera, which is basically twice as wide as the main lens and f/2.4.And the f/2.2 front camera is now 12 megapixels, up from seven, and has a wider 24mm focal length so it can pull out to a slightly wider angle in landscape for selfie’s. Apple’s also updated its smart HDR processing system, which I was not very impressed with when I reviewed the iPhone XS and XR.


The iPhone 11 cameras are an enormous improvement over the XS, and beat the Pixel and Galaxy Note 10 in most of our tests. This shot of Verge video producer, Mariya Abdulkaf, outside in bright sunlight shouldn’t be too hard for any camera to do a good job with. And all these photos look basically fine. But zoom and do 100 percent cropland the improvement from the iPhone XS to the iPhone 11 main camera is stunning. The iPhone 11 is way sharper, with way more detail. iPhone 11 does a way better job than the Note 10 and it’s a little better to my eye than the Pixel 3. This improvement is due to something Apple’s calling semantic rendering. Basically, Smart HDR recognizes what’s in the image and renders it appropriately.


Image & Photo Quality

I asked Apple to break down how it works for me and it basically goes like this: First the iPhone starts taking photos to a buffer the instant you open the camera app. So by the time you actually press the button, it’s captured four underexposed frames and the photo you want. Then it grabs one overexposed frame. This is all basically the same as the iPhone XS and the Pixel 3, except the Pixel doesn’t grab that overexposed frame. Second, Smart HDR and semantic rendering then start looking for things in the photos it understands.


Latest Feature On iPhone 11 Pro

Faces, hair, the sky, things like that. Then it uses additional detail from the under and overexposed frames to selectively process the areas of the image it’s recognized. Hair gets sharpened, but the sky doesn’t. It just gets de-noised. Faces get delighted to make them look more even and the iPhone knows to sharpen up your facial hair.


Smart HDR is also less aggressive in flattening the photos. Highlights and faces aren’t corrected as aggressively as before because those highlights make photos look more natural. But other highlights and shadows are corrected to regain detail. Finally, the whole image is saved and you’ve got a photo. This all happens instantly every time you take a photo, which is a testament to how powerful Apple’s A13 processor really is. Here’s that final image we just took.

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