Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night. The government has taken all out preparations as terribly severe cyclonic storm “Bulbul” is probably going to form landfall on. And the coastal districts of the country on Sabbatum night. Five to seven feet high happening surge would possibly hit the low-lying areas of the coastal belt below the influence of the cyclonic storm once its potential landfall. Worryingly Bulbul’s, moving at 74kmph, sustained wind speed of 120kmph at its centre as recorded at 6pm Friday, according to met office.

The same as that of the 2009 Cyclone Aila.

Cyclone Alia on might twenty-five, 2009 had ravaged fifteen offshore districts of southwestern a part of Asian country killing 150 people. And destroying 200,000 houses. Making the forecast on weekday, Asian country meteoric Department (BMD) asked Mongla and Payra maritime ports to hoist danger signal. No seven and Chittagong port danger signal No 6. At the 3 ocean ports are suspended till any notice. Cox’s Bazar Maritime port has been suggested to stay hoisting native alert variety four. All fishing boats and trawlers over the north Bay were suggested to require shelter directly and stay in place until any notice because the ocean can stay rough.

Meanwhile the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has banned the plying of all river vessels until further notice. Coastal districts which will face the huge periodic event surge embrace metropolis. Noakhali, Laxmipur, Feni, Chandpur, Barguna, Bhola, Patuakhali, Barisal, Pirozpur, Jhalokathi, Bagerhat, Khulna, Satkhira, per the Met workplace. Moreover the offshore islands and chars (dried-up riverbeds) are also at risk of being inundated. When contacted BMD specializer Hafizur Rahman said: “The cyclone might hit Bangladesh’s outline someday within the evening tomorrow on “Saturday”.


Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

But we’re undecided concerning the tentative time of the landfall it’s detected the impact of the cyclone has already started. He said referring to rainfall in parts of the country especially in the coastal districts. Heavy rain continued within the coastal districts as well as Bhola, Patualkhali, Satkhira, Noakhali and Bagerhat since last morning as Bulbul started approaching Bangladesh.

State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Dr Md Enamur Rahman on Friday same the govt has taken adequate measures to face nightingale. “Necessary steps have taken to confirm that individuals and eutherian mammal within the coastal areas will safely move to cyclone shelters.


Meanwhile 600 metric plenty of rice and Tk30 hundred thousand are allotted for the folks of Noakhali, Laxmipur, Feni, Chandpur, Chattogram. And Cox’s Bazar. “Prime Minister sheik Hasina has directed residents of coastal districts to preserve necessary food and materials in ‘Paribarik Silos’ (family silo) provided by the govt” he concluded.

The Met work predicts that nightingale that was advancing at a wind speed of up to 120kmph last evening. It may become weaker before the potential landfall along Bangladesh’s southern coasts including. And the Sundarbans Bulbul was moving at a 74 kmph pace on Th evening. Meteorologist Abdul Mannan said Bulbul was approaching the north-east coast around 9 pm Friday. But may divert a bit to the right. “Our observation says that the severe cyclonic storm might hit the outline of Khulna and Barisal, probably once Sabbatum evening.


Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

According to him, Bubul could gain a wind speed of up to 144km/hour. But it’s going to weaken before creating landfall. As its wind speed may hover between 100km to 110km/hour,” the Met official aforementioned. Forecasting that the coastal areas can stay cloudy with drizzle or gentle precipitation, he said: “Rain can intensify bit by bit with the cyclone quick approaching; the capital town perhaps affected.”


Its location the cyclonic storm over the west-central and adjoining east-central. Bay moved northwestwards, intensifying into a severe cyclonic storm over the northwest and adjoining east-central Bay at 6am Friday. Bulbul is probably going to accentuate any and move during a north-northwesterly direction by this (Saturday) evening.


Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

Under the peripheral influence of the severe cyclonic storm “Bulbul”, gusty/squally weather could have an effect on the maritime ports, North Bay and coastal areas of Bangladesh from early morning nowadays. The maximum sustained wind speed among seventy four kms of the severe cyclone centre is concerning a hundred and twenty rate rising to a hundred and forty rate in gusts or squalls.

The sea can stay terribly high close to the severe cyclone centre, the Met workplace extra. 2,521 cyclone centers prepared in 7 districts The country’s southwestern coastal districts have taken full-scale preparations and ready two,521 cyclone shelters because the severe cyclonic storm doubtless to form landfall early Sunday.

A total of 338 cyclone shelters were unbroken ready. Whereas many volunteers within the Dacope and Koyra upazilas were on awake to face any state of affairs. Khulna district Relief and Rehabilitation Officer Azizul Haque Joarder said: Bhola’s Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mahomet Masud Alam Siddique aforementioned 668 shelter centres, eight management rooms, thirty-nine Mujib Kellas were did within the district Md Badiuzzaman, DC of Satkhira, aforementioned 137 shelter centers were ready to tackle the case whereas the volunteers were exploitation loudspeakers requesting folks of Shyamnagar, Ashashuni and Kaliganj upazilas to take shelter in safe areas.


Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

Where as two 34 cyclone shelters were ready as 2.26 lakh folks of the coastal areas will keep safe. Ras Mela postponed in Bagerhat Deputy Commissioner Mamunur Rashid same the district administration has set to suspend the standard ‘Rash Mela’ a non secular pageant of the Hindu community in Dublar Char at intervals the Sundarbans for safety reasons. After the declaration of cautionary signal No 4 at the Mongla port. This was conjointly explicit by Bagerhat DC Mamunur Rashid.

Ras Mela Celebration Committee General Secretary Pradeep Basu Shantu said “Ras Mela takes place on the full-moon night of the Bangla months of Karthik or Agrahayan every year.


1,500 tourists stranded on Saint Martin’s.

Around 1500 tourists have been stranded on the Saint Martin Island as the vessel service from Teknaf to the island was suspended due to high sea moreover 1000 of us wanting forward to make a visit the island were put together forced to cancel their journey. Due to the suspension of vessel service. And the Teknaf-Saint Martin route airports too on alert The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. (CAAB) has asked the airfield officers across the country to remain awake to avoid any potential injury from nightingale.


Cyclone Bulbul likely tom Make landfall Saturday night.

Suspending operation at any airfield is nonetheless to come to a decision CAAB Member (Operations and Planning) Air commissioned naval officer Md Khalid Hossain told Bangla apsis. Hossain said, officials at the airports across the country unit of measurement directed to wish preparation yesterday “Thursday”.


We are getting regular updates from them. Decision [to suspend operation at any airport will taken after observing the weather situations. Machinery are off from airports runway and open house to avoid damage” he added.


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