5G Modems For PC; Intel Teams with MediaTek to Provide the 5G Modems.

Have you ever imagine having a modem internet with speeds more than the Home Internet. Well, don’t imagine any more cause that is coming very soon. Intel the 5G Internet providers for Smartphones, Is highly determined to bring the 5G technology to OCs. The Chip tech giants are teaming up with MediaTek to create the 5G Modems for PCs and laptops.


MediaTek is given the responsibility to develop and deliver the technology. On the other hand, Intel is tasked to define the 5G solution Spec, validate the design, provide optimization to the 5G modem. They are also required to provide the necessary support in the integration of the modem into the shipping computers.

The first milestone of the 5G Modems for PC is set to be achieved in early 2021. In addition to that, there is also the 3rd party, which is the Fibocomcompany. The Fibocom Company is tasked to produce the M.2. This the format of the frequently used SSDs. The 5G Modules are tailored for Intel-based systems.

Both parties have vested interests in promoting 5G internet speeds. At the moment, Intel is no longer in the phone business, and they are shifting all their energies in the PC modem business. At the moment, Qualcomm has been providing 5G Laptop teasers, which make the Intel company act first in achieving this before their significant competitors. The main target of these tech giants is providing a Snapdragon-powered machine that comes with cellular data, which is faster than the home internet access. The collaboration between MediaTek and Intel is very imperative. This is because if they don’t collaborate, they risk ceding the ground of the 5G Modems for PC to a mutual rival.

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